Our Christian Values

Clifton All Saints Academy is a Values school and it is this that determines the thinking and behaviour of our pupils, staff and governors. Through a  values driven culture a positive teaching and learning environment enables our staff to develop the whole child. There is an emphasis on respecting the child's self, others and the world we live in. 

Our Values are taught in a two year cycle. This year we are following Year B. 

Year A Year B 
Generosity  Thankfulness
Compassion  Trust 
Courage  Perseverance
Forgiveness Justice 
Friendship Service 
Respect  Truthfulness

Our curriculum is underpinned by our values. In addition to this, values are taught in lesson and through collective worship. Children are taught what the values are and how we can apply the teachings of the value in our everyday life. 

Values postcards will be sent home when a child has been seen living the values in school. The children are also encouraged to write their own compliment slips nominating someone to receive a values card. At the end of each half term, one child is nominated by the staff to receive the Star Values Award in recognition of their effort in “Living the Values". 

Values Education Policy