Chair of Trust Board and Diocesan Trustee

Mrs P Whittington

27 Purcell Way, Shefford, Beds


Miss R Byrne

Vice Chairs

Mrs J Peacock (Diocesan)

Mrs C Weller (Foundation)

Teaching Staff Trustee

Miss S Pepper

Rector (ex-officio)

Revd Caren Topley

Support Staff Trustee


Foundation Trustees

Mr P Farr

Mr R Hook

Mr C Murphy

Mrs C Weller

1 vacancies

 Diocesan Governor

Mrs J Peacock (Safeguarding)

Member Trustees

Mr M Guffogg

Ms D Sewell

Ms N Farrington-Sharp

Parent Trustees

Mr A Saunders

Mrs C Stephens

Trustees email address:


 Academy Trust AGM will be held on Monday 23rd January 2023, 2.30pm. Please contact the Chair of Trust Board for information regarding this meeting.