At Clifton All Saints Academy, the curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of all of our learners through our whole school SEND provision. All children are given the opportunities to achieve their full potential, feel included and thrive.


My name is Miss Sam Pepper and I am the SENDCo at Clifton All Saints Academy and hold the Special Educational Needs/Disabilities National Award. My role in school as a SENDCo is to oversee the day-day operation of the school’s SEN policy. I ensure all children who have been identified with SEND are effectively supported across the school and support the identification of children with SEND. I liaise with all staff, parents and outside agencies to ensure the correct support is in place, individual needs are being met and the provision we provide these children as a school, is the most effective. I also ensure that all records of pupils with SEND are monitored, up to date and reviewed to ensure children are moving forward in their development and as a school, we are doing everything we can to support these children.

Kind words & testimonials

“The SEND provision provided by Clifton All Saints Academy has been second to none”.

SEND parent voice 2021

“There has been clear communication right from the start of the year and I feel that I can contact Miss Pepper with any queries that I may have. She has always been enthusiastic to provide support and is very nurturing”.

SEND parent voice 2022

“I am very happy with the SEND provision at Clifton All Saints Academy and although my son will need to move to a Specialist provision eventually, I know he is well looked after and happy at Clifton”.

SEND parent voice 2022

“As a parent with a child at Clifton All Saints Academy who has Special Educational Needs, my current experience of SEND is very positive”.

SEND parent voice 2022

SEND Policy and SEND Reports

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Useful SEND Information 

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