Learning to live, living to learn

‘Be courageous, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love’ 

1 Corinthians 16 v 13-14
Positive RelationshipsTo provide a safe, inclusive, nurturing school where children are happy and feel loved and accepted for who they are.
Relationships are at the heart of our school. We know our children, families and wider community well.
Responsible CitizensEach child will have a sense of pride and belonging within their local and global communities and understand their place in the world. They will become resilient and respectful citizens who can make positive contributions to society.

Every child will leave Clifton All Saints Academy with the skills and knowledge to go on in their next stage of education and flourish.

Every child will develop mutual tolerance and RESPECT for cultures and diversity through planned opportunities and purposeful exploration.
Successful LearnersChildren of Clifton All Saints Academy are entitled to and deserve the highest quality of education which will meet the needs of and challenge each individual. Children will have developed the COURAGE to make and learn from their mistakes, take risks in their learning and be the very best version of themselves. Children’s individual talents and skills will be nurtured. They will be inspired and excited to learn now and in the future.
Developing SpirituallyClifton All Saints stakeholders are part of our family and community.

We regularly come together as our school family during Collective Worship and in Church as ‘Children of God” and brothers and sisters in Christ. Our Church school enables children to develop an understanding of Christian tradition and teaching, an awareness of other cultures and religions and a reasoned set of values and beliefs. Members of our school family are interdependent; all are needed and valued and each person is important to the whole.

This is the message for our church and our school. We call this KOINONIA.