Our School Council works a little differently to most. That’s because we are a member of Smart School Councils. At Clifton All Saints Academy we all have a voice and we all matter. Each week we have a class meeting where our voices are heard, our ideas shared and we make decisions about how we want our school to be.

Our Communications Team

We elected our Communication Team through a School Council Election. During the election, candidates wanting to join the team wrote manifestos outlining why they would be good candidates.  Each class elected two members to the Communication Team by voting for their preferred candidate. 

During our School Council Election we discussed Democracy as one of our British Values. We also learnt how our country is run, who our Prime Minister is and how they are elected and the main political parties. 

Action Groups

Action Groups can be lead by anyone in our school. Action Groups are lead by a pupil who gets a group of their peers together and finds a teacher sponsor. Action Groups can run clubs, organise fundraising or an event in school. The possibilities are endless!