Our Classes

Reception - Robins 

Hello and welcome to Reception at Clifton All Saints Academy. We are  Robins  and we love to learn through our environment and experiences. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and work towards reaching the Early Learning Goals at the end of the Reception Year. We are blessed with a well resourced indoor and outdoor environment which allows for rich, purposeful play and self directed learning. We take part in whole class learning, group work and child initiated learning. Our learning is captured through photographs, videos and observations that allow staff to identify personalised learning opportunities and plan for possible next steps. 

In Robins we have three experienced members of the team; Mrs Downer is the specialist Early Years teacher, Miss Morgan is the full-time Teaching Assistant and Mrs Hook is our part-time Teaching Assistant. 

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Year 1 - Puffins

Hello, Puffins  are our Year 1 group. Their teacher is Miss Pepper who is supported in the mornings by Mrs Phillips and in the afternoons by Miss Seamarks.

Year 2 - Kingfishers

Hello, Kingfishers are our Year 2 group.  Their teachers are Ms Sykes and Mrs Sykes, who are supported in the mornings by Mrs Gibson.  Mrs Norman is a SEND teaching Assistant in the class.

Year 3 - Swallows

 Hello, Swallows are our Year 3 group.  Their teacher is Mrs Rose who is supported in the mornings by Mrs Jackson.

Year 4 - Woodpeckers

Hello, Woodpeckers are our Year 4 group. Their teacher is Mrs Lines who is supported in the mornings by Mrs Cartmell. 

Please see below the curriculum plans for Woodpeckers:

Year 5 - Ravens

Hello, Ravens are our Year 5 group.  Their teacher is Mr Coverdale who is supported in the mornings by Miss Mead.